The Gotham City Police Department is almost stereotypically corrupt police department. Payoffs and bribes are commonplace, justice is for sale, and orders more often come from the Council than from the commissioner. Not that the commissioner doesn’t give orders; they just originate with the Council.

About ten years ago, a crusading new police captain came in, determined to clean up his division, and spread the new honesty to the rest of the department. The whispers about what happened to him and his family are still used to terrify new recruits and teach them the way things work.

It’s not like the police don’t do their job, however; most low-level crime is handled with cheerful and brutal efficiency. They do what they need to do to keep the streets relatively safe for the common citizens – the little people of Gotham – more because they want to throw their power around than because it’s the right thing to do. Amounts to the same thing, for the most part.

Distinction: All the Justice You Can Afford


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