Welcome to Gotham City

Gotham started as a port city, the home of whaling and trading fleets. While the whalers have vanished into history, this east-coast port is still a transit hub for shipping, airlines, trucks, and even a few green startup transport companies that are using experimental airships.

Once renowned as a clean, beautiful city, dominated by vast architectural marvels, Gotham now is a watch-word for faded majesty and corruption. The gleaming buildings are soiled, the picturesque streets have become twisting labyrinths, and the once-fanciful gargoyles and gigantic sculptures are now leering monstrosities waiting to startle the traveler around every corner. Oh, some buildings do still gleam: the headquarters of Chimaera Systems towers above downtown, all glass and light, and the shining marble exterior of City Hall belies the corruption that stains city politics.

And the danger in Gotham has never been greater. It’s not widely known, but strange occurrences in the depths of Gotham’s darkest places point to a weakening of barriers between dimensions. Incursions of strange – and not-so-strange – beings are rumoured, and people whisper about spots where the laws of reality are… wrong.

This time of danger is making another change. Here and there, people are starting to display… let’s call them “abilities.” No one uses the word “superhero,” because that’s a term from kids’ books and comics. It’s not appropriate for serious adults dealing with serious issues. But there are a few – a very, very few – people with abilities that make them able to do something about the rising problems.

A few of them have banded together, working to bring order to the chaos, fighting the pandimensional incursions. Because it’s not just unpredictable on the streets of Gotham these days.

These days, it’s pandemonium.